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About Our Company:

About Us

Established in 1997, Ultimate Business Plus has achieved its goal of becoming a truly vertically integrated eye care product manufacturing facility. From Lens solution to multicoated Anti glair glass Lens, Ultimate Business Plus has complete solution for all your eye care needs. We produce fashion and cosmetic lens in transparent and color, plano and power. In addition we provide customers a perfect service. Today we have speculative marketing and distribution team all over the Pakistan, which is expected to increase not only every single city of Pakistan but have the intention Insha-Allah to spread the network in other countries of the world.

Our annual sale for the year of 2011 is about 250,000 units, and by year 2014 we have plan to achieve 350,000 units Insha-Allah, Secondly we have plan to export it to Gulf region, Far East, Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

Ultimate Business Plus & Optic Class Distribution Network are an equal partnership based firms between Dr. Nadeem Ashraf & Mr. Fareed Akhtar. Covered area of manufacturing plant is about 9000 sqft located in Karachi industrial area. Number of employees attached with the firms are about 50.


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